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“… contains some of the loveliest images of the Dutch landscape ever made.”
(Dana Linssen, NRC Handelsblad)

Remembering Holland

When you look at a river, what do you see?

Remembering Holland by Jan Wouter van Reijen carries the viewer through the basin of the River Waal, past painters, sculptors and poets. Van Reijen follows the entire course of the river, from the German border to the North Sea, and creates portraits of various artists who have taken the riverine landscape as their theme. Each and every one of them sings the river’s praises in his or her own way, from extremely realistic to abstract.

At every spot along the way, and each day anew, the river landscape changes: we see the water dark and colorful, glistening in late and early light, in morning dew and by moonlight, in clouds of mist and the snows of winter. Yet the water brings more than beauty alone. The flooding of the forelands and the reinforcement of the dykes in 1995 remind us of the eternal struggle of the Dutch against the rising water.

See it and be borne along on a voyage of the imagination.

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Director Jan Wouter van Reijen

Jan Wouter van Reijen (1943, Amsterdam) started making animation films at the age of 14. After graduating from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in 1966 he worked in every possible function - sound, camera and above all editing - largely on documentaries. At odd times he has directed some 20 films of various lengths. His first works were short fiction films. After that he specialized in artistic documentaries about architecture, poets, and painters. In ‘Remembering Holland’ Van Reijen combines his skills; he is not only the film’s director, but also the editor and director of photography.

D.O.P.: Jan Wouter van Reijen
Sound: Menno Euwe
Editor: Jan Wouter van Reijen & Chris Teerink
Music: Paul Prenen
Sound design: Marco Vermaas

Short Filmography of director Jan Wouter van Reijen (English titles)

2009 REMEMBERING HOLLAND (documentary) – 101 min. / 52 min. - Nederlands Film Festival 2009
2008 PARADISE REMEMBERED (documentary)- 62 min. - Nederlands Film Festival 2008
2005 GAGGED (fiction) -17 min. – International Film Festival Rotterdam 2006
2005 DOMBURG (documentary) -10 min. - Film by the Sea 2005
2004 DREAM HOUSE (documentary) -78 min. - Nederlands Film Festival 2004
2003 KINETIC (fiction) - 25 min. – International Film Festival Rotterdam 2003, Nederlands Film Festival 2003
2001 I HAVE TO SEE… I HAVE TO SEE IT ALL (documentary) - 81 min.
- International Film Festival Rotterdam 2002, Nederlands Filmfestival 2002,
Festival International du Film sur l’Art (Montrèal 2003)
1986 CADENCE (documentary) - 15 min. - Competition International Film Festival Berlin 1987
1976 GOD IN FRANCE (documentary) - 60 min.

Artwork poster by Gijs Kuijpers

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